Recovering Data from an OS Corrupted HDD

How can you recover data from a corrupted hard disk? It is a good idea to always keep a backup of all the important files and data so that they can be accessed as and when needed. But, for people who haven’t done so, the data can be recovered; though there is no as such guarantee as to how much of it will be saved. It all depends on the kind of damage that has taken place and also on the degree of severity.

Steps to undertake – The first thing to do is to check whether it is actually a hard drive failure or just one of the general system failures which can cause interruption of normal start-up. The failed hard drive may be attached to another computer as a secondary drive to check if it starts working, with the help of a USB universal drive adapter. If this doesn’t work, depending on how much your drive has been damaged, an attempt to save your data can be made costing you quite a lot of money. It is a time taking process, with no guarantee as to whether the time and money that you spent on recovering the data were actually worth it or not. However, it’s been seen that failed drives are recoverable with the help of system tools.

Ways in which drives crash – There are two ways in which drives can crash, they being a logical and mechanical failure. In a logical failure, the component of the driver is not physically damaged but due to formatting which is done by mistake or due to a corrupt file system, it can no longer be able to find its own data. Here the user can access his data himself without calling in an expert who might cost the user a bomb. For the latter, it is implied that the drive may have broken parts which are not letting it work, and an expert may have to be asked to intervene and to recover data which still might be there. However, this may cost you a lot of money, depending on how severe the damages are.

Solution – A lot of data rescue software is nowadays available both online and in retail stores which more or less work on the same principle. The software has to be installed and the drive which is defective needs to be chosen as the source while a separate destination folder also needs to be chosen which will receive the data. After doing so, an individual should be ready to wait for not minutes or hours, but days as a 120 GB drive recovery, may take up to 4 days to be fully recovered. However, no data recovery program will return your files the way you had left them. File names may get changed; songs may include random sounds and get mixed with image folders. You need to keep loads of time in hand in order to get back things as they were.

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