How to Back-up your Data

Learning ways of avoiding loss of data is something that many never put into consideration. It may take a few Hard drive failures until you recognize that you want to understand ways of avoiding data loss in future. Many of us have lost many important files, pictures, and documents. The following are tips on How to Back-up your Data.

Store them on your other PC

If you have more than one PC, you can store important on each other by zipping them of course, to minimize disk usage. One downside to this is that consumes up a lot of disk space in your PC and may slow down.

Copy them in DVDs

One of the easiest ways to back up your files is to store them in DVDs or CDs. DVDs have a higher storage capacity than CDs. Thus you may want to choose the first option to make less bulky if you want to bring along your backup of data if you go on traveling.

Attach them in your email

This is one of the freeways to store your data and files online is to send them to your second email as an attachment. Emails these days support large attachments and have larger storage capacity, so you can also take advantage of that as your online storage. Another good thing about the backup of data is you can access your files everywhere for as long as you have internet access.

Use online storage sites

Although most of these sites collect a fee or storage, some may also offer limited but free storage. For as long as your files do not exceed the limit of the free cloud storage service, you can avail of this online storage without any costs. However, if you want to make your files secure in one place and you want to be accessible online, availing of online storage sites can also be a good option.

Use your external HDD

Portable external drives are also great storage for your files and data. They are portable so you can also enjoy the convenience of bringing around and they have much bigger capacity than DVDs so that you wouldn’t be bringing a lot of them too.

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