PC pugs counts on technicians with more than 15 years of experience whose mission is to provide our customers with a service of excellence and at very competitive prices.

Our company comes at a very difficult time in the economic environment, but even so, we believe that we can be an asset for the sector. We have an organization that assures us to be able to serve our clients in the best way and to provide a service of extreme quality and speed at very appealing prices.

Our ideology is, and always will be based on the quality of services provided, not being satisfied with the good, we will always look for the best, so you can count on our full support so you can always get the answer you need for your problems . We want to score by difference and diversification, we like to be on the move and always try to be one step ahead.

We believe that there are things that can improve and that is why we start this journey, day by day, together with you, we can be better and better. We wait for you to verify all these words or we will have you if you wish.